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Remedial Massage

We want to help to relieve your pain and discomfort at Castle Hill Remedial Massage. At Castle Hill Remedial Massage we provide a high quality service with professional and friendly care by therapists with accredited Australian qualification.

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Pregnancy massage Castle Hill

Qualified Pregnancy Massage

We at Castle Hill Remedial Massage know how important your body is when you are pregnant. We know about the low back and shoulder pain you may be experiencing.

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Pain relief in Castle Hill

Chronic pain and Fibromyalgia relief

At Castle Hill Remedial Massage we believe that chronic low back pain, neck,  shoulder or leg pain is something no one should have to put up with. Both injury and Fibromyalgia can result in this distressing situation.

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Why Choose Castle Hill Remedial Massage

Top three reasons to choose Castle Hill Remedial Massage: Experience; Value; Results. If you are looking for a safe, reliable, non-invasive treatment for low back pain then remedial massage is the answer. Massage therapy may help with; upper back and neck pain, headache relief, low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, chronic pain, and sciatic pain relief. Our therapists may use a variety of techniques including; deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, longitudinal effluage, cross fibre frictions, lymphatic massage and myofascial release. You may be able to use your health fund benefits towards the fees. Don't forget we have free parking on site to make it easier for you! Visit us, our therapists want you to experience the best massage in Sydney.

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The benefits of massage therapy

Massage makes you feel great!

Here in Sydney at Castle Hill Remedial Massage we know how great a massage can make you feel. There are so many aspects to the benefits of massage therapy that it’s a surprise we all don’t arrange one every week. Whether its remedial massage, pregnancy massage. Swedish massage, a foot massage or a whole body massage, we feel wonderful afterwards. You get that amazing feeling of being totally relaxed, aches and pains have disappeared, you feel taller and like blood is making it to your brain for the first time in a while. These are all part of the benefits of massage therapy. Who doesn’t want that? That is what we enjoy doing for you, providing pain relief and improving the quality of your life. This happens in many subtle ways as a result of the massage, and some of it can be scientifically tracked. This guarantees you a benefit from remedial massage.

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How does Remedial Massage work

But what is it about a deep tissue massage or an increase in blood flow that gives us these great feelings. Part of it has to be that you are handing yourself over fully to a qualified massage therapist who really knows what they are doing and you know is going to help you with the massage treatment. So some of it is psychological but there must be some physiological effects too. We have a look at these in detail in the article section under ‘The benefits of massage therapy on muscle pain’, but if we take a brief look at those effects when you have a massage for low back pain or for neck pain and headaches, we can see that massage is an amazing form of treatment.

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What else is going on when you have a massage?

Tight muscles may cause a variety of problems in your body, including pain and stiffness, muscle imbalances and decreased range of movement. If this happens, and around the shoulder or knee is a typical area, then joint pain may follow as the joints are compressed. Not just the muscle may be affected and the joint, but the fascia which is the connective tissue flowing through the whole body and doing what it says, connecting everything together. When this is tight it can mean the muscle is compressed and can’t relax. A good massage therapist like Janelle at Castle Hill Remedial Massage will employ different massage techniques depending on where the problem in the body is, such as deep tissue massage, frictions, inhibitions or effleurage, to ease the tensions and reprogramme the muscle cells to release strains. Using these advanced massage techniques will help an injured or painful area get better quickly.

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Are there any other benefits to remedial massage?

A major part of a muscle injury is inflammation. This is a natural process in the body which contributes to healing, unless it overwhelms the area it is in or gets inhibited during the recovery process. This is where a good remedial massage can make a huge difference; it can increase blood flow to an area which will remove toxins which have built up in the tissues as a result of the muscle injury. This increase in circulation can push through any other fluid which has built up in the area, decreasing the pressure on nerves and tissues which will help to reduce pain. The massage will also bring oxygen and nutrients into the tissues which will speed up the healing process.

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Can massage help with stress?

Other benefits of a good massage include stress release, your shoulders come down, you can move freely without pain and play with the children or grandchildren or play golf without the worrying niggle of something in your body distracting you. And with all these benefits which come with a deep muscle massage or chronic pain release you will sleep better too, so your whole wellbeing is improved on every level. And of course with better sleep not disturbed by pain when turning in bed or getting out of bed in the morning, your body will recover even quicker. As well as providing quality massage services to the Castle Hill area, Castle Hill Remedial Massage is known in the surrounding areas of Cherrybrook, Baulkham Hills, Glenhaven, Kellyville, Rouse Hill and even Windsor. So if you want to experience the best massage in Sydney from one of the most experienced massage therapists around, come to Castle Hill Remedial Massage.

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