Janelle Camuglia

Janelle Camuglia has been a practising massage therapist since the 1990’s. Janelle graduated from Nature Care College as a remedial massage therapist in 1995, and as a naturopath in 2002.

Janelle has worked hard to maintain her skills and is very experienced in treating people with a range of issues and pain sensitivities. She is also able to invoke deep relaxation in the body and is ideal for the pregant woman wanting relief from the temporary strain that pregnancy has put on her body

As a massage therapist Janelle works slowly and deeply to melt chronic muscular tension. She creates a safe, nurturing and respectful space which facilitates expressing and releasing the emotional tensions that are often at the source of physical tension. Janelle can make changes to your body to release long held pain and strain in a way that no other can.

Through massage Janelle uses a holistic approach to move her clients towards a vibrant state of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and enjoyment of life.


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