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What is massage therapy?

Massage is the movement of the soft tissues of the body including the muscles, ligaments, tendons and other connective tissues. It can reduce pain and discomfort, increase mobility and improve the well-being of an individual. People will come to a massage therapist for many reasons. These include; relaxation after stressful work situations or home stresses; relaxing and relieving pregnancy massage; to reduce pain and discomfort or for injury rehabilitation. Sometimes its to pamper themselves and improve their sense of health.

Can anyone be a massage therapist?

Massage Castle HillTo practice as a massage therapist, it is a requirement to have done a recognised course of training. This will include certification at the end of the training period. The standard level currently is a Certificate IV in massage therapy. This is a nationally recognised qualification. This is an important consideration.Would you want someone who isn’t qualified giving you a pregnancy massage?

When a high enough level of training is achieved the massage therapist is able to get insurance, without which they cannot practice. This also then allows their clients to obtain private health fund benefits. For instance Medibank private or  HCF, will all give a rebate towards a massage. At Castle Hill Remedial Massage Janelle prides herself on having been working as qualified massage therapist for twenty years. And if you turn up for a massage with Janelle and have private health cover then you will get a rebate on the cost of the treatment.

What are the qualities of a good massage therapist and what can you expect from them?

A good massage therapist will have a number of skills at their fingertips so that they can help you. First, through observation of your posture, functional asymmetry and by palpation they will be able to assess soft tissue dysfunction. Massage therapists are constantly feeling what is going on in the muscles under your skin. They are able to assess the quality of your tissues and health of your muscles. You may not know what is really going on in your back or shoulder, but a good massage therapist will work it out. They will then be able to provide a massage which will contribute to improved function, reduced discomfort and enhanced well-being. They will then be able to provide information on how you can maintain your health and improve the condition of the pain producing tissues.

What is the benefit of massage therapy?

The benefit of massageYou may think that massage is easy but a good massage therapy involves more than the simple application of massage techniques. It can be used as a complimentary therapy combined with other treatment modalities, such as osteopathy. An osteopath might recommend that in addition to the specific soft tissue techniques they use, that the patient go to a qualified massage therapist.

Most of Janelle’s’ patients though are seen on a stand-alone therapy basis. Massage therapy is held within the framework of the wellness model. During a consultation with Janelle at Castle Hill Remedial Massage she will work on many different levels. For instance, she will aim to support patients by balancing their mental, emotional and physical needs. Janelle has a thorough knowledge of the human body and a variety of massage techniques. Janelle recognises that it is an intuitive profession and blends art and science in a physical process. It allows Janelle and other massage therapists to provide both physical and compassionate care to their clients. In fact, Janelle is a driven to improve her client’s health and overall sense of well-being.

What techniques are used at Castle Hill Remedial Massage to achieve this?

Treatment is aimed at the individual, not in a one-treatment-fits-all approach as in the medical model. The techniques that are applied will depend on the requirements of the patient and the aim of the massage therapy session. When you come to Castle Hill for massage, treatment can be part of an ongoing process. The practitioner works with the patient towards an ultimate goal of recovery and life fulfillment.

The techniques used to achieve this goal during a massage session at Castle Hill Remedial Massage includes employing a range of massage strokes. Massage may be long strokes down the body, deep tissue massage, frictions or kneading. For a full therapeutic treatment other methods might be used. For instance, trigger point therapy, myofascial release or stretching of the tissues.

What are the dangers of massage therapy?

The evidence suggests that massage therapy has almost no risk if conducted by a qualified practitioner. Having said that, some conditions need extra care by a therapist. For instance if you suffer from osteoporosis (brittle bones) you should let your therapist know in advance, so that they can regulate the pressure used. If you have a heart condition you should also advise your therapist. For everyone’s safety, if you have a condition which is contagious, such as a skin disease, chickenpox or shingles, you must advise the massage therapist. And whether you have come for a pregnancy massage or not, if you are pregnant, you must inform the practitioner. They can make an informed decision regarding both your safety and the safety of others in the massage clinic.

Is massage painful?

Qualified Pregnancy massageWhile massage is generally relaxing, it is also a therapeutic way of working. Some techniques are designed to change specific dysfunctions in the body. Because of this it is possible to feel some discomfort either during or after a massage. For instance if you go to a massage therapist in pain or discomfort, or with an injury from sport or trauma, or very tight muscles from stress. Then its possible that there might be subsequent tenderness. This is normal and will pass within a few days. However, massage should not be too painful. If it does give you more pain than you think is appropriate be sure to mention it to your therapist immediately. Sometimes, on rare occasions, there may be bruising. If this does happen be sure to mention it to your therapist at the next visit.

Massage therapists may have training in particular ways of working, for sports injuries, for pregnancy or for remedial massage. At Castle Hill Remedial Massage instant for you can be treated for any of these issues by our qualified therapist

What’s the evidence for the benefit of massage therapy?

Research has shown that massage may be beneficial for improving the symptoms of chronic low back pain and neck pain and headaches. It help with knee osteoarthritis. Have a look at the benefits of massage therapy here.

There are many other effects and massage. Through the therapeutic touch it may help with depression, and even some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. See chronic pain and fibromyalgia relief for more information.


Massage therapy is a way of easing pain and discomfort. Many would argue that it is a more powerful and permanent benefit than painkillers. Massage will often address the problems underlying your pain in a way which improved mobility. There are different types of massage for differing conditions. If you have a pulled muscle it will be treated one way, if you are pregnant you need a pregnancy massage.

Castle Hill MassageIf you receive treatment by someone who has received proper training there is little risk of side-effects. If there is a side effect such as discomfort, don’t expect it to last more than twenty four hours.

Massage is a powerful way of reducing pain, discomfort, injury and reduced mobility in the human body. If you haven’t tried it yet, pick up the phone and give us a call at Castle Hill Remedial Massage and experience a therapeutic massage with Janelle.


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